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Sophos HomeSophos Home is a ‘lean, mean, virus-killing machine’ – that’s the verdict of Which?, and who are we to argue?

Which?, the highly regarded UK product testing magazine, placed Sophos Home in the #1 spot, ahead of Panda, Avast, and AVG. The publication gave Sophos Home 5 stars for performance, 5 stars for phishing, and 4 stars for ease-of-use. Which? had this to say about Sophos Home:

    • “Sophos Home is a lean, mean, virus-killing machine. For fuss-free peace of mind that doesn’t cost a thing, then definitely download it”


    • “Sophos keeps things very simple. It’s a no-frills package that doesn’t cluster its interface with lots of details or complex options. Installation and setup is very easy. The software uses nice, clear messaging if it spots something suspicious.”


  • “The full function is very thorough. It found and destroyed pretty much every single virus we planted on our test PC…And if you’re concerned about getting taken in by online phishing scams, Sophos’s protection will give you peace of mind. Scam websites are flagged the moment you land on them.”


See how we compare to the other programs that were tested (paywall; account required). And, don’t forget, ensure your Windows PC is protected against the threats — download Sophos Home for FREE today!


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