Not all ransomware tools are created equal

sophos-intercept-x-icon-150In case you hadn’t heard, ransomware is big, big business. In 2016 alone, ransomware payouts are closing in on the billion-dollar mark, with a whopping 70% of companies reporting that they paid to have their maliciously-encrypted data liberated after being hit.

We’re not talking chump-change, either. For many businesses, these payments can and do routinely land in the tens-of-thousands-of-dollars range.

If you’ve ever had to deal with ransomware, hopefully one of your first instincts was to search for a ransomware removal tool and, if you were lucky, there a) was one available and b) it restored your files with minimal hassle. That’s quite a long shot, though.

In most cases, the bad guys would have to either release the encryption keys to the public out of the goodness of their hearts (ha!) or be compelled by law enforcement to do so once they’d been apprehended – a process that generally takes months, at best.

Whatever the case, you’ll find that there are indeed a handful of ransomware removal tools on the market – heck, we offer a free one if you’d like to take it for a spin.

But, the fact of the matter is that, as the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than a cure’, and these tools are no replacement for a tried and true ransomware prevention tool.

Sophos Intercept X stops ransomware dead in its tracks. This means you won’t have to hope there’s a removal tool available for the specific, one-out-of-hundreds-of-millions variant of ransomware that’s iced your machines.

Sophos has pinpointed the small number of techniques leveraged by zero-day exploits and ransomware, so our technology is able to recognize malicious behavior once it starts. Intercept X then neutralizes the malware and returns your machines to their previously-safe states, automatically.

Once the threat has been taken care of, our incredibly detailed, yet easy-to-use Root Cause Analysis feature gives you a play-by-play of the attack, providing you all the information to ensure that your other files are safe as well.

You’ll find some of our competitors offering bits and pieces of Intercept X-like technology, if you comparison-shop long enough. But you’ll never find as complete a solution as Intercept X.

You want the most comprehensive zero-day exploit and ransomware protection around, bleeding-edge automated forensic cleanup, and comprehensible at-a-glance analysis? It’s only available from Sophos. Nothing else comes close.

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