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Funny that judges would not buy into the I’m in idiot about privacy for parents and pictures but when it’s US secrets, a could be president was allowed just that. Sad state of life here.


The teenager’s father claims that he has the right to post the photos because they are his, but in so doing he fails to recognise or acknowledge that the subject is an individual with rights and who had repeatedly asked for the photos not to be posted online.

Her parents are selfish, ignorant, and insensitive.

To paraphrase from Steve Martin’s film Parenthood: “You need a license to own a dog. But any dumb schmuck can be a parent.”

Three cheers for the teenager!


SO, what would the parents think, IF their kids posted their own mums and dads, on-line allover social media, Facebook etc? I bet the parents would be asking for THEIR pictures to be taken down Pronto.


If the parents keep their child’s photos up, but change the setting to “only me” on those photos, they wouldn’t be in court.


I bet if she had taken a pic of each of her parents on the toilet or other state of undress and posted them right next to their post of her with the message “A family that poops together posts together” the picture of her would have come down immediately. Even my mom want to post a 52 year old picture of me in an Easter dress the other day, I had to explain why she should not, but she got it and didn’t post it.


The parents were wrong in posting these fotos but taking this to court should only be to condemn the disrespect PERIOD. I am completely against sueing. I will add one more note: the media makes private stories available to the public thus making possible a Public Hanging so to speak AND THIS IS 100% WRONG and should be stopped and BANNED. It is a family affair Not Our Business. Why does media behave like BUSYBODIES?


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