Sophos Server Protection gets an update!

Server copyWe’ve just updated Sophos Server Protection in Sophos Central, adding next-generation malware prevention and detection techniques for server environments.

Solid server security starts with good operational hygiene, which includes restricting who and what can reach the server, and what applications can run.

We’ve now made that easier in Sophos Central Server Protection with the inclusion of:

  • Malicious Traffic Detection on both Linux and Windows servers:  Malware frequently connects to remote servers for further instructions, updates or uploads of data. Malicious Traffic Detection, or MTD, monitors traffic for signs of connectivity to known bad URLs. If malicious traffic is detected, suspect executables are scanned on all servers licensed with Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced and can be blocked on Windows servers.
  • Peripheral Control:  For physical servers, good operational hygiene should include limiting access via peripheral devices, including removable storage, modems and devices such as phones, tablets and cameras. With Sophos Central Server Protection, customers can monitor (Standard license) and block (Advanced license) the use of peripheral devices for their servers with ease.
  • Application Control: You can now define policies to allow or block certain categories of known applications on servers. This is in addition to our Server Lockdown feature, which doesn’t allow any applications to run other than those explicitly allowed. (Applicable for Windows servers with Advanced licenses).
  • Download Reputation: We provide a trustworthiness score for each downloadable file, based on SophosLabs research, giving you reassurance that you are downloading only safe files to your server. This is now available with either the Standard or Advanced licenses on Windows servers.

You can get a free trial of Central Server Protection Advanced here. Customers of Central Server Protection Advanced will automatically receive these updates.

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