Sophos Endpoint Protection receives 2 AAA awards

SE Labs AAA AwardsSophos Endpoint Protection has been awarded 2 AAA awards from SE Labs. The top awards come in the latest round of independent tests conducted for Enterprise and SMB companies looking for endpoint protection.

We make every effort to participate in several independent tests, so you don’t have to take the word of us or any other vendor about our products’ efficacy.

SE Labs was created by Simon Edwards, the former technical director of the now-defunct Dennis Technology Labs. Simon is also the former chairman of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO), to which SE Labs and Sophos both belong. In other words, he knows a thing or two about testing security products.

SE Labs’ tests expose products to a variety of malware and simulated exploits. They attempt to use realistic methods to deliver the threats (e.g. email attachments, web downloads, etc.). The lab produces three separate reports: Small Business, Enterprise, and Consumer Endpoint Protection. Sophos Endpoint Protection was included in both the Small Business and Enterprise reports.

Sophos earned a “total accuracy” score of 98% in both the Small Business and Enterprise reports. Total accuracy is a calculated score that accounts for the degree of protection and the rate of false positives.

The SE Labs tests are very relevant to buyers of endpoint protection, as they highlight the need for multiple prevention and detection technologies. The Enterprise report noted that the products which achieved the best results did so “due to a combination of their ability to block malicious URLs, handle exploits and correctly classify legitimate applications and websites.”

Choosing an endpoint protection product that uses multiple techniques to help you prevent, detect and respond to threats is a vital part of your security strategy, and we are delighted that the SE Labs tests have independently verified Sophos’ capabilities on behalf of enterprises and SMBs alike.

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