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Back in March, I wrote about how cybercriminals are using previously-unknown malware to avoid detection from traditional security products.

While conventional anti-malware protection is vital as a first line of defense, organizations need additional ways to combat today’s targeted, unknown malware.

Unfortunately, many next-generation solutions designed to deal with these kinds of threats are too expensive and too complex for many businesses to consider.

Sophos Sandstorm can help

Sophos Sandstorm is an advanced malware defense solution that complements Sophos security products to quickly and accurately detect, block and respond to evasive threats using powerful, cloud-based sandbox technology.

It integrates with Sophos Web Appliance and other Sophos network solutions, such as our Email Appliance and UTM.

Why you should consider Sophos Sandstorm with Sophos Web Appliance

  • Advanced protection: it provides an additional layer of protection against fast-moving and targeted threats.
  • Accessible: you don’t need to buy or install additional hardware or learn a new system.
  • Affordable: It’s the latest enterprise-grade protection without the enterprise price tag.

Try it yourself

If you want an advanced threat solution that’s easy to try and deploy, simple to manage, and uses the best threat intelligence, Sophos Web Appliance with Sophos Sandstorm checks all these boxes.

You can try it yourself on your Sophos Web Appliance. Take a look at the video below to see how:

Learn more

Visit to learn more about how Sophos Sandstorm can help protect your business against targeted attacks.

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