See what everyone’s saying about this year’s Sophos partner conferences

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sophos-partner-conference-2016We recently wrapped up our annual partner conference tour, and if it’s possible to sum up all the exciting activities from this year’s events in one word, it would have to be “synchronization.”

Just like last year, the partner conferences this year – held in Cannes, las Vegas, and Bali – had a common theme of “Discover Sophos.” Of course, the big difference this year was the launch of our revolutionary synchronized security strategy.

The annual partner conference tour is our biggest opportunity to get our partners synchronized with our winning strategy. And the feedback from partners this year was overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s some of the comments we received from partners at our Americas conference in Las Vegas:

  • “This was my first Sophos Conference and it was awesome. The breakout sessions were informative, the speakers and Sophos personnel were very helpful, and I am very excited about the new innovations Sophos is developing.” – Brian Lusby, Computer Data Networks Partners, Inc. (CDN)
  • “Overall a fantastic experience! Can’t wait for next year. Go Sophos!” – Brian Jefferson, Bristeeri Technologies, Inc.
  • “Keep up the good work. Some of the up and coming product releases have me drooling.” – Aaron Herold, HeroldTec LLC
  • “I believe Sophos will continue to lead the industry through innovation, channel commitment and end-to-end solutions for the security space. Far better than the ‘alphabet soup’ of individual offerings that customers and partners have had to try to build solutions from up to now.” – Scott Gattis, CorKat Data Solutions/Colorado Network Management
  • “This was the best tech conference I have ever attended. Thank you!” – Chad Netherton, Allen IT

In addition to the great presentations from our company leaders and security experts, and the always informative breakout sessions, each region had its own unique and fun evening events.

In Cannes we had a special event with a James Bond theme, including a Daniel Craig look alike. In Bali, there were outdoor fireworks and a beach themed party at The W hotel. And in Las Vegas, we had cool cover bands, confetti and a carnival theme.

There were also great giveaways, honors and awards, and some very cool guest speakers.

As you can tell by the fun photos and comments posted to the #SophosPC hashtag on Twitter, this year’s partner conferences had just the right mix of fun and functional.

If you weren’t able to attend, we hope to see you at a partner event soon!


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