People keep saying nice things about Sophos Home…but don’t take their word for it!

Sophos HomeWe’re really pleased with what people have been saying about Sophos Home, our free home security solution for both PCs and Macs.

If you’ll allow us to blow our own trumpet for a bit, here are a few of those reviews:


Sophos Home has progressed beyond its beta brother and I am happy to say is a great antivirus product… For the super savvy, adding Sophos free UTM would make a killer defense combination.

“Most paid antivirus solutions don’t have a cloud control panel for managing all your devices so it’s exceptional to see it on a free solution. We give Sophos Home two thumbs up!

Yahoo! Tech

Despite the notable feature set, Sophos manages to fit each facet of the software within a compact interface. … Additionally, the malware definitions are constantly being updated, ensuring the program is never without the latest knowledge of potential threats. It’s one of the most hands-off antivirus programs on the market, and as such, sits among the best.


Editor’s pick: Best Free Mac Security Software

While paid-for antivirus software comes with extra security features, there are some free options with solid performance when it comes to blocking malware and flagging dodgy websites. Sophos Home … can block Windows and Mac malware without overly slowing your computer’s performance.


Reviewer rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Sophos Home is a handy application that allows you to protect several computers from security threats in a quick, convenient manner. It comes with a simple user interface, straightforward features and a comprehensive dashboard.


Sophos Home is a great free antivirus with all of its controls moved to the cloud, and a single account can control up to 10 different devices. Great interface, near perfect usability, and most of all amazing convenience. Beats other free antivirus solutions out there any time of the day.

Try it yourself!

Visit to get signed up. You can protect up to ten computers from one account, so you can make sure you’re looking after your whole family.

What’s more, we’ll never nag you with ads or require you to “upgrade” to a paid version. Free really does mean free!

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