How Sophos Sandstorm protects your business against unknown threats (VIDEO)

sophos-sandstormCyberattacks that use unknown malware to evade conventional protection are a growing threat, and many businesses are considering next-generation sandbox solutions to deal with these unknown threats.

But these technologies are often too complex and expensive for many businesses to consider. This is why we’ve developed Sophos Sandstorm – to provide the advanced protection organizations need, while also making it simple and affordable to buy and maintain.

Your business needs a range of security technologies to stay protected against known and unknown threats: URL filtering, AV scanning, Live Protection and IPS are all critical to your protection.

These technologies are complemented by Sophos Sandstorm’s next-generation sandbox, which provides you with your own dedicated environment to quickly and accurately detect, block and respond to unknown, evasive threats.

How Sophos Sandstorm works

Your Sophos security solution tests a potential threat against all conventional security checks, such as using anti-malware signatures and looking for bad URLs. If the file is not detected as a threat, the Sophos security solution sends a file hash to Sophos Sandstorm to determine if it has been previously analyzed.

If it has been previously analyzed, Sandstorm passes the threat intelligence to the Sophos security solution. Here the file will be delivered to the user’s device, or blocked depending on the information provided.

If the hash has not been seen before, a copy of the suspicious file is sent to Sandstorm. Here the file is detonated and its behavior is monitored. Once fully analyzed, Sophos Sandstorm passes the threat intelligence to the Sophos security solution. Again, the file will be delivered to the user’s device or blocked, depending on the Sandstorm intelligence.

The Sophos security solution uses the detailed intelligence from Sophos Sandstorm to create deep, forensic reports on each threat incident.

How to try Sophos Sandstorm

Businesses like yours are looking for a cost-effective, advanced threat solution that’s also easy to manage and provides useful threat intelligence.

Sophos Sandstorm is easy to try, and works with our Secure Web Gateway, Secure Email Gateway, UTM and Next-Gen Firewall. Simply click on the free trial button, then activate the policy.

Watch the short video below and visit to learn more about why Sophos Sandstorm is the simplest, most effective solution to protect your business against unknown threats.


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