Sophos and Gartner explain: why synchronized security is the next leap forward

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GartnerAttackers today are increasingly sophisticated, using multiple techniques and points of entry to bypass defenses and evade detection. In response, most vendors design their products to wrap endpoints and users in layers of security.

For example, to defend against web-based attacks you might have a cloud-based web gateway to protect users when they surf the web from a remote location; an endpoint-based advanced persistent threat (APT) detection agent; and a next-generation firewall detecting malicious traffic as the malware calls home.

Unfortunately, the time, cost and complexity of implementing additional layers of technology can be overwhelming: now you have multiple endpoint agents, multiple management consoles, and multiple security vendors to deal with.

And while this kind of complicated security system may stop the individual elements of an attack, the separate layers of protection do so without coordinating their response. This is a recipe for failure.

Synchronized security – the next leap forward

Synchronized security is a radically different approach, enabling the endpoint and network security components to directly share information to improve protection and make better, faster decisions. So your security is comprehensive, including protection against advanced threats – yet coordinated, with different protection modules working together.

To help you understand how your organization can achieve a stronger and more holistic security posture, we’re offering a free, on-demand webcast exploring a new, coordinated approach to IT security.

In this webcast, Gartner analyst Peter Firstbrook and Dan Schiappa, senior vice president and general manager at Sophos, describe the evolving threats organizations face today, and show you why the old paradigm of layered security is failing.

You’ll also hear about how Sophos is solving these challenges with synchronized security.

You can register and watch this webcast at any time – but why wait? Sign up now and find out how to take the next leap forward in your security.

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