Sophos expert James Lyne talks mobile and Internet of Things security at #MWC16 (VIDEO)

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Sophos security expert James Lyne spoke during a keynote session on the Internet of Things at this year’s edition of Mobile World Congress, sharing a sampling of his research on the startling security immaturity of IoT devices.

Although James says he’s a big proponent of the IoT, of mobile applications, and the possibilities these technologies bring, his research shows how a number of them fail even the most basic security tests.

According to James, many of today’s IoT devices make it too easy for malicious hackers. James has seen massive security failures such as devices with hardcoded passwords, some exposed to vulnerabilities that should have been patched long ago, and others communicating across the open Internet unencrypted.

You can watch James’s brief but entertaining talk in the video embedded below. He explains his discoveries and shares his insights into how and why IoT and mobile security went so wrong, and what we can do to get it right.

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