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Answers to your questions about Sophos acquiring SurfRight


I am very pleased to say that we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to our announcement that SurfRight is joining the Sophos family, from both SurfRight customers and industry analysts.

I’ve seen a number of great questions raised by SurfRight customers, and I wanted to take a moment to address them here. I can confirm that we are committed to continuing the development and enhancement of the successful HitmanPro product line.

We’re excited about the acquisition of SurfRight because we see a great value in their innovative technology, which we will integrate into our next-generation endpoint solutions for businesses and our standalone tools anyone can use.

We will continue to offer the “free scan” feature of HitmanPro. And Sophos will honor the terms and conditions of all existing SurfRight licenses, including any special promotions or deals. The support forums and services that customers use today will continue. And as we integrate the products into the Sophos Support Community to enhance customer experience, we will do so seamlessly, so no user is left behind.

Developing powerful tools and offering appropriate support for home users is not new to our strategy. We have an established portfolio of free commercial-grade tools for home users, and we continually invest in these products.

We believe that in order to be effective, security must be comprehensive, security must work together as a system, and security products should be simple to use. Effective security technology is important to business users and home users alike, and our portfolio of free tools follows the same development principles.

This month we released a brand new tool, Sophos Home, providing free Internet security for both PCs and Macs via a simple web console. We also offer Sophos Mobile Security for Android, Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition and Sophos Antivirus for Linux.

Sophos will bring the recently acquired SurfRight tools, such as the popular HitmanPro product, into our home user portfolio, and we will continue to develop, expand and improve the powerful HitmanPro technology.

We welcome all SurfRight customers, appreciate your engagement, and thank you for your passionate loyalty to a great product – your security is our priority.


In the coming years, will customers continue to be able to purchase new licenses for standalone HitmanPro.Alert, to run resident alongside a non-Sophos security suite? And for how long? I’m concerned that the HitmanPro.Alert product will be completely absorbed by Sophos products and that it will no longer be possible to buy and use HMP.A by itself, while running a different AV vendor’s security suite.


Hi, thanks for your question. We will be offering HitmanPro.Alert as a standalone tool for the foreseeable future and it will continue to work alongside other vendors’ security offerings. At the same time we will also be integrating HitmanPro.Alert into our existing Sophos products.


Hi … when it will be ready a price list including Hitman Pro


We are currently integrating the SurfRight technology into the Sophos next-gen endpoint protection portfolio, and when this is complete it will be available to all partners worldwide. We will keep you updated on the release dates as soon as the integration is completed.


Hi I have been a fan of Hitman pro for 3 years, where I have promoted this product extensively to the IT community in NZ and was pleased last year that Pro Alert was offered to Hitman Pro customers as an extension, which kinda makes sense to have a firewall effect as you surfed the net for the prevention of Ransomware etc. I am somewhat disappointed to learn that you now need make two payments for two products. Surely if you have paid for Hitman Pro an upgrade to include Pro Alert ie (Hitman gold/Premium) would make sense as they really need to be working side by side to gain maximum protection. I can foresee some disenchanted customers here


Hi Darren, we do not offer upgrades from HitmanPro to HitmanPro.Alert as it is technically not possible, for various reasons including security separation. Thanks for your feedback though, I’ve passed it on to the HitmanPro team.


I want to re install surffright pro which I have used before however when I try to purchase my cards are not recognized?


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