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We won twice at the 2015 European Blogger Awards!

To everyone who voted for us in this year's European Security Blogger Awards, thank you so much. We were nominated in two categories, and we won in both of them.

To everyone who voted for us in this year’s European Security Blogger Awards, thank you so much.

We were nominated in two categories:

• The Grand Prix Prize for the Best Overall Security Blog.

• Best European Security Podcast.

Tonight, five of the team attended the Awards event at Olympia in London, where we’re exhibiting at the Infosec Europe 2015 show.

We’re delighted to announce that…

…we won both those awards!

We’re as pleased as Punch, but we couldn’t have done it without you, our readers.

Through your encouragement, your feedback, your comments on the site, and your emails to, we’ve continually been able to improve both the what and the how of our writing.

Information about computer security – especially information about technical issues such as vulnerabilities, exploits and malware attacks – often ends up recondite and loaded with jargon.

Here at Naked Security, we aim to buck that trend and to keep our explanations clear, and our advice as straightforward and effective as as we can.

So, please keep the comments and suggestions coming.

If there’s something about Naked Security you don’t like, please tell us; if there’s something you like and find useful, please tell your friends, colleagues and family!

By the way, if you’re attending Infosec yourself, and you’d like a free Naked Security T-shirt, please read the instructions and then visit the Sophos stand.

How to engage with Sophos and Sophos Naked Security

Here are some of the ways you can join us online:

• Subscribe to the Naked Security daily email newsletter.

→ We use the email address you give us only to send your daily summary of Naked Security articles. We don’t add you to any other lists or services. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

• Join us on our Naked Security from Sophos Facebook page.

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• Learn more from our wide selection of Sophos podcasts on Soundcloud.

• Keep up with our weekly “serious-but-fun” 60 Second Security videos on our YouTube channel.

• Join the SophosTalk and SophosFreeTalk communities for our paid and free tools.

Listen to the latest Chet Chat podcast

If you haven’t listened to the weekly Chet Chat podcast before, why not give it a try now?

The first episode of June 2015 was recorded right at Olympia:

(Audio player above not working? Download MP3 or listen on Soundcloud.)

Sophos Free Tools

Many of our free tools are available from the menus on the right-hand side of the Naked Security website, including our Android anti-virus and security app, our Mac anti-virus, and our full-blown UTM network security gateway.

→ The UTM Home Edition also includes free licences for Sophos Anti-Virus protection on up to 12 Windows computers, managed right from the UTM. If you live in a shared house, or you have children to look out for online, this could be just the product you need.

We’ve also recently made Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux completely free, so if you’re a Linux user (desktop or server) who is in the habit of “risking it” as far as security is concerned, we’d encourage you to try it out.

Image of retro-style chap holding aloft victory cup courtesy of Shutterstock.


Congratulations to all of the team for two well deserved awards⭐️ ⭐️ You all must be totally stoked.

Yes you are right your articles are definitely straightforward and clear, a must for me! I find your site indispensable and I’m just at home, but recently I convinced one of my sons who has his own business to actually check out Naked Security and he took a peek at your site and hasn’t looked back.

I enjoyed seeing the photo of you all too.

Anyway what an achievement to win in both of your nominated categories, very well done!

Sincerest Wishes, Rosie


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