Watch this video to understand the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation

eu-data-protection-150Are you aware of the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation and what it means for your business?

The EU is getting tougher on the need to secure personally identifiable information, and the upcoming legislation will introduce fines of up to €100 million for personal data breaches.

The good news is that you can mitigate the risks. Encryption, which keeps data secure even if it gets lost or stolen, should very greatly reduce the likelihood of fines even if a breach does occur.

Watch the live EU Data Protection Seminar video
At a recent seminar in the Netherlands, Anthony Merry, Director of Data Protection Product Management at Sophos, talked with our customers and partners about the upcoming regulation. He explained the requirements on businesses, attitudes to data protection in Europe, and how to comply with the regulation and minimize the risk of fines.

Watch this video of the live event to see for yourself. And find more free resources and a quick compliance check tool at

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