rsa-conference-2015If you couldn’t make it to San Francisco for RSA Conference, we’re bringing you great content and news from the event on our blogs and social media channels.

We also broadcasted from RSA via podcast – bringing you the expert opinions of our top security gurus, who took time away from their presentations and booth talks to reflect on the interesting themes and serious discussions happening at the conference.

There’s so much going on in the security world, and Sophos experts cut through the noise succinctly and intelligently in our (brief, informative, fun) podcasts.

In the first podcast, Chester Wisniewski  – of the eponymous weekly Sophos Security Chet Chat podcast – speaks with Paul Ducklin about some of Chet’s exclusive research into the major role Linux plays in the malware ecosystem.

Chet also says it seems that RSA attendees are finally acknowledging how the security industry has to change.

“There’s a maturity level finally being achieved at RSA, which is to say it’s not that network is going to solve all your problems or endpoint is going to solve your problems,” Chet says. “They need to be used in conjunction and intelligently together to achieve a greater level of security as a whole.”

In our second podcast from RSA, we hear from Duck and John Shier as they dive deeper into RSA Conference 2015’s theme of “Change: Challenge today’s security thinking.”

And they dissect a recent report on mobile malware, explaining how Google may be underplaying the threat while it criticizes security companies for over-hyping the threat! There’s a middle ground there, and we get to the truth.

Give a listen to the podcasts – they’re quick, but loaded with interesting conversations about what’s happening at RSA, and other big security news at the forefront of people’s minds right now.

(Audio player above not working? Download MP3 or listen on Soundcloud.)

(Audio player above not working? Download MP3 or listen on Soundcloud.)

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