You want Sophos gear? We give you the Sophos Store

sophos-storeRecently, we gave away some socks. Comfortable, funny, nerdy ones. They were so popular we decided to make more socks and a lot of other great Sophos gear, and let anyone buy them. The Sophos Store is now open!

Don’t worry – we’re going to keep making the simplest and most IT-friendly security products around. But why stop there?

Now you can get Sophos t-shirts, hats, jackets, and other chill stuff for the favorite IT people in your life – friends, co-workers, bosses, underlings – and, well, you’ll want this stuff for yourself too.

Did we mention there’s a cat calendar and stickers and … surfboards too?

Why did we do this exactly? Because you’re an IT Rock Star. Enjoy!

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