Sophos Cloud is making it easier to protect servers, and everything else, in one place

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cloud-150With the release of Sophos Cloud Server Protection, we’re expanding Sophos Cloud to protect desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets – and now servers – with the most effective and simple-to-manage business security offering available.

If compromising desktops is like stealing a wallet, then hacking a server is like robbing a bank. Servers store large amounts of sensitive information and have become popular targets for cybercriminals.

Today’s businesses need the most up-to-date protection, and Sophos Cloud Server Protection gives overtaxed IT personnel an innovative, high performance and simple-to-manage solution for securing server environments.

The new Sophos Cloud Server Protection solution delivers malware protection, host intrusion prevention and web security, as well as clear visibility into the current security status of all managed servers via a simple web-based interface.

Sophos Cloud is also the only server security product that can continually monitor the server environment, detect new applications on an ongoing basis and intelligently adjust policies to maintain operational efficiency.

We’re continuing to improve and build Sophos Cloud into the simplest security solution around with the best user experience. Our Cloud UI is sleek and modern, and we have improved the navigation in important ways to make it easier to use, giving you quick options for things you might want to do.

More of our customers are trying to support a geographically diverse workforce, using mobile devices and laptops more than ever before. With Sophos Cloud, businesses have comprehensive visibility and manageability, regardless of where employees and their devices are located.

We invite you to try Sophos Cloud to unify management of all different types of security on one single console, and can deal with sophisticated attacks because all your defenses are in one place.

Try Sophos Cloud for free — sign up for your 30-day trial right now.

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