Security by the numbers – 5 easy ways small businesses can stay safe

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5-security-tipsThere are so many ways a cybercriminal can attack you that it might seem like security is a losing effort. Fortunately, that’s just a misconception. Security can be fairly simple if you know what to do.

That’s why we’re supporting Cyber Streetwise, a UK Government National Cyber Security initiative aimed at changing consumer and small business attitudes to online security.

As Minister for the Digital Economy Ed Vaizey said, “small businesses remain particularly vulnerable to cyber security breaches,” often because they don’t take basic security measures. Here are five easy things you can do to keep your business safe.

  1. Train staff to understand cyber threats.
  2. Keep software secure by always installing updates.
  3. Install and use antivirus software.
  4. Use complex passwords including a minimum of three words and a symbol.
  5. Keep up with security news and advice on the latest vulnerabilities.

We’re also offering tips and resources at to support the Cyber Streetwise campaign, where you can find more easy ways to keep your business secure.

Here are some other articles to help you on your way to being cyber streetwise.

Make sure to watch the video below about how to create secure yet easy-to-remember passwords.

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