Everything you need to know about how to set up a firewall

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sophos-utmA while back we talked about how you can upgrade your network security with a Sophos UTM for free as a home user.

Here we will explain the basic premise of firewalls and at the same time tell you how you can build one to suit your network.

The firewall is your gatekeeper, your first line of defense, shielding you from the outside world also known as the Internet. The firewall stops unsolicited traffic from the Internet from accessing your network and only allows responses to traffic originating from the inside back through.

You can also control what traffic is allowed from the inside, and only allow those services that you approve of to talk to the outside world.

How to set up your UTM firewall

To set up your UTM firewall, you need to define network addresses, basic firewall rules and NAT (Network Address Translation).

The great thing about Sophos UTM is that it will help you get things set up in no time. The built-in Basic System Setup will do all this for you.

You just need to tell it what your internal and external addresses should be and what services you want to use.

Once completed the necessary interface definitions, firewall rules and NAT, masquerading rules will have been created for you and network traffic can flow.

It’s that easy.

Learn more about firewalls and Sophos UTM

If firewalls intrigue you, you can read up more about how they work in this Naked Security blog post.

And if you’re looking to replace or upgrade your existing firewall, visit sophos.com/firewall to learn more about why you should choose Sophos.

Plus, watch our video series about Sophos UTM to see it in action.

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