We’re pleased to announce the general availability of Sophos UTM Manager (SUM) 4.2 which is compatible with our latest UTM release, UTM Accelerated (9.2).

Review the full release notes below for more details.

Here’s what’s new at a glance:

  • Major management enhancements and extended support for Firewall and Web Protection
  • Rule management support for new objects introduced in UTM v9.2 and 9.1
  • Central notification management across all managed UTMs
  • Many other improvements, enhancements, and bug fixes

SUM 4.2 Release Notes

WARNING:  Important Version Compatibility Information

In the interest of compatibility, going forward SUM will only support configuration of UTM’s running the latest major release.  UTMs running older versions can still be monitored and managed in legacy mode but pushing security configurations will be limited and unsupported options will be greyed-out.  For example, with SUM 4.2, only UTMs running 9.2 or later will support all the configuration options such as pushing a firewall rule.  UTMs running pervious software (even as far back as v8) will be managed in legacy mode and limited to monitoring, maintenance and management.

Read more about this in KB article 120690 and how to manage the roll-out of SUM in the SUM Staged Rollout Guide.

Major New features and enhancements

UTM version support change: As noted above, starting with v4.2 SUM will support UTM versions in two modes, Full Support for the latest major software version of UTM (currently 9.2) and Compatibility Support for previous versions. For more information please see above or consult KB article 120690.

Notifications management:  From within your SUM installation you can now globally work with UTM notifications, allowing you to enable or disable notifiers on selected UTM devices from a new section in the Gateway Manager.

MAC address support for global objects:  SUM can now manage objects that are MAC Address based, allowing more parity with the UTM abilities. MAC address object lists can be created, changed, and deployed from a new section in the Global Objects area.

Firewall rule management enhancements:  The management of packet filter rules has been overhauled and extended to match the capabilities of UTM, and now supports the creation, import, and export of rules that have multiple sources, services, destinations, and MAC addresses.

Web protection management enhancements:  UTM 9.2 has received many new features for Web protection, and in this version of SUM you can now work with attributes such as SafeSearch enforcement, Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA), Google Apps domain limiting, the new “Warn” feature for blocking, max download sizes, and much more.

Support for Network Range objects:  When creating objects in SUM, you can now create an object that has a specified range of network IP addresses, allowing you to more easily cover sections of a network landscape in a definition without creating address objects individually and grouping them together.

Other enhancements: 

  • When using a filter on a page to limit the returned results, the filter settings will now be preserved when selecting a filtered result, and then returning back to the previous page.
  • Time events can now be created which span across midnight
  • The global objects availability group has been enhanced to allow for more monitoring types (Ping, UDP, TCP, HTTP(S) hosts) and also has now support for the “Timeout” and “Always Resolved” options from UTM
  • Network host global objects now supports the IPv6 and DNS parameters that were introduced in UTM 9.1
  • Global network, web, and firewall rule objects have received feature parity with the UTM
  • Site to Site IPSec tunnels configured from SUM via the VPN wizard can now configure options for “Bind Tunnel to Local Interface”, “Support Path MTU discovery”, “Support congestion signalling (ECN)”, and” Enable XAUTH client mode”.
  • SUM was optimized for UTM v9.2
  • General improved performance and compatibility

Bug fixes:

  • Bug ID #22683 Maps API Error is confusing was fixed
  • Bug ID #31462 Delimiter missing in exported On Demand Reporting csv files was fixed

How to get Sophos UTM Manager

SUM is available at no charge – no strings attached.  However, you will still need a license key.

To get started quickly and easily review the SUM Quick Start Guide

If you don’t already have a license, you can register online to generate a key.

For new installations download the latest SUM full ISO here (600MB): ftp://ftp.astaro.com/SUM/v4/software_appliance/iso/latest_sum_software.iso

To update existing installations here are your Up2date Download Links: (Choose correctly!)

1) Stable Version 4.1 to GA 4.2: ftp://ftp.astaro.de/SUM/v4/up2date/u…200004.tgz.gpg Md5sum: 4b5135997140fbada8f92d2fbebc4b0a

2) Version 4.2 BETA to 4.2 GA: ftp://ftp.astaro.de/SUM/v4/beta/u2d-…200004.tgz.gpg Md5sum: 46ec6644bbdc749fb7ccdc608827bb62

SUM Documentation

Sophos UTM Manager Documentation

Product Feedback

If you want to provide feedback or want to discuss any of the SUM 4.2 features you should post it on our User Bulletin Board. Please indicate the version you are using.

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