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Are businesses securing mobile data shared in the cloud? These survey results may surprise you (Infographic)

cloud-servicesDropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Amazon … the list goes on. With so many free storage services available for easily sharing files in the public cloud, a lot of users are jumping at the convenience, without considering security.

Unfortunately, many IT departments seem to be going for convenience over security as well. When we asked 700 IT professionals how they handle security of cloud services, a majority of them said they don’t currently encrypt corporate data shared on cloud services (65%). That’s a huge liability.

Check out our infographic to see the results of the survey — you might be surprised just how wide-open our shared data really is.

Our survey found that 84% of organizations allow some level of access from company-issued devices to cloud-based file share services such as Dropbox. But only 38% feel secure sharing corporate files or collaborating on corporate content between the cloud and mobile devices. Click on the image below to download the survey results (PDF).

Cloud sharing infographic

The Answer: Sophos Mobile Control

Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) 4.0 is the first and only Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution to include individual file encryption, integrated AV and web filtering.

Available on premise or as-a-service, SMC provides small and mid-sized organizations a simple approach for managing and securing mobile devices, content and applications.

SMC supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices — so IT professionals can confidently implement BYOD policies. And it gives users the flexibility they demand to stay productive and safe.

Visit to learn more about how to secure mobile data, devices and cloud file sharing.


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