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Sophos Cloud brings simplicity to managing Windows, Macs and mobile devices

sophos-cloudEditor’s note: This post was written by Bill Lucchini, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sophos Cloud.

I’m very excited to announce the latest version of Sophos Cloud, our cloud-managed security solution. With this release we’ve taken another positive step in our strategy to use the cloud to create new, innovative solutions to the security challenges faced by businesses today.

This version of Sophos Cloud is the only service to manage Windows, Macs and mobile devices from a single console. It’s effortless to deploy, and easy to use and manage — for IT managers and channel partners alike.

Manage Windows, Macs and mobile devices from a single console

Recently we conducted a survey of IT managers to find out how they’re handling the growing challenge of device diversity across their organizations.

We found out that IT departments increasingly need to support Windows PCs, Macs and mobile devices: 78% support or plan to support Macs on their networks, and 41% see the number of Macs increasing in their corporate environments.

Mobile devices are proliferating just as rapidly as Macs, if not more so.

A recent IDC study showed that a quarter of SMBs are using mobile device management (MDM) and Sophos is the number one solution for those businesses. However, that leaves 75% who still have not adopted MDM.

With this new release we’re making it simpler than ever to get control of your mobile devices.

Clearly organizations need an integrated security strategy to support their users’ demands to choose their own device (BYOD), while providing IT managers real-time visibility and access to information to keep organizations safe from advanced threats.

Sophos Cloud delivers a simple and effective approach for IT organizations to confidently embrace BYOD and to support and protect the wide range of user devices in their environments.

Sophos Cloud dashboard

Simplify security with Sophos Cloud 

Introducing Sophos Cloud from Sophos on Vimeo.

Try it for free

Try Sophos Cloud for free — to sign up for your 30-day trial, visit



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