Sophos Antivirus for vShield trounces the competition


Server ProtectionA new report by the Tolly Group found that Sophos Antivirus for vShield “consistently outperformed Trend Micro Deep Security 9 and McAfee MOVE” in virtual server and virtual desktop (VDI) environments.

Sophos Antivirus for vShield provides centralized, agentless antivirus scanning for virtual machines (VMs) running on VMware’s ESXi hypervisor. It’s natural that an agentless solution would outperform traditional endpoint antivirus products, which have to be installed and run in parallel on each virtual machine. But, as it turns out, even agentless scanners vary quite a bit in their impact on VM and host resource use and performance.

SAV for vShield file server performance

As you can see, competing products can slow down virtual server performance by as much as 34%, more than enough to be noticeable to users. Sophos Antivirus for vShield, in contrast, “demonstrated low impact on file, database, and application server performance,” according to Tolly.

In virtual desktop testing, Sophos delivered equivalent performance to the competing products, while using fewer resources. Disk usage, in particular, was up to 40% higher with competing solutions. By keeping resource use low, we make it possible for you to run more virtual machines on each host.

Of course, performance and resource use aren’t the only reasons to choose Sophos. With its easy deployment wizard, clear documentation and multi-layered real-time scanning engine, Sophos Antivirus for vShield offers the best combination of simplicity, performance and protection that you’ll find anywhere.

To get started with Sophos Antivirus for vShield, download the free trial today.

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