Webcast shows you how to protect data everywhere with SafeGuard Enterprise 6.1

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SafeGuard-EnterpriseToday’s compliance regulations require you to encrypt your data at rest and in motion — whether it’s on a laptop, in an email, stored on a USB drive, or being accessed in the cloud. And yet, 80% of mid-sized companies aren’t even encrypting laptops for fear of slowing down users. All of them should be looking at an encryption solution that protects data everywhere — and won’t hurt performance.

Join Sophos security expert Alan Phillips to learn how you can protect your data with SafeGuard Enterprise — without impacting productivity. Watch the replay below of our quick and informative webcast to see a live demo of the newly released SafeGuard Enterprise 6.1 that delivers encryption without compromise.

This webcast explains in detail how SafeGuard Enterprise offers:

• Faster, more reliable disk encryption
• Single console to protect Windows and Macs
• Encryption everywhere: devices, laptops, cloud


Learn more about SafeGuard Enterprise

For more information about SafeGuard Enterprise, download our free whitepaper Managing BitLocker With SafeGuard Enterprise (registration required).

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