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cyberstreet Keeping people safe from cyber crime is what we’re all about at Sophos. Whether you’re a small business, a large enterprise, or a consumer, your safety and security is our goal. That’s why we’re proud to support Cyber Streetwise*, a new UK Government National Cyber Security initiative aimed at changing consumer and small business attitudes to online security.

Cyber crime is not only a blow to the people and companies who become victims—it’s also a major drag on the national economy, costing billions annually. And yet, the success of cybercriminals relies on both consumers and small businesses failing to do basic security well. We’re partnering with the government to support Cyber Streetwise because we all need to do our part to fight cyber crime.

While most companies use antivirus, other basic security best practices like regular software updates, using complex passwords, and general data protection are very much lacking. Small businesses who don’t employ these basic security measures are making it easy for attackers who want to steal their data and their money.

UK government research reveals that many small and mid-sized companies in the UK fail to take these basic security measures:

  • Just 50% say they do regularly monitor their IT systems for breaches
  • Only 58% say they do use complex access passwords
  • 52% say they don’t restrict access to IT networks
  • 54% say they don’t control the use of USB storage devices

The Cyber Streetwise website – – hosts a range of interactive resources for you to learn how to protect your business online. The site includes an online health-checker for companies to assess their cyber security knowledge and receive tailored tips and downloads.

Sophos is pleased to have provided our security expertise and content for the Cyber Streetwise site. We’re also offering our own dedicated web page at to support the campaign. We hope you’ll take advantage of this fun, educational tool to protect your businesses, your schools, and your families.

So go visit to get wise to threats. You can also talk to a team of cyber experts on Facebook and on Twitter at @cyberstreetwise to learn more. Follow the hashtag #becyberstreetwise for tips.

* Cyber Streetwise is a cross-government awareness and behaviour change campaign delivered by the Home Office in conjunction with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, and supported by the National Cyber Security Programme. The campaign has wide support across industry, with over 20 organisations providing access to communications channels or monetary support. Organisations involved include Facebook, Sophos, Financial Fraud Action UK and RBS.

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