How does your network security rate? Take a quiz

NetworkSecurity TipsUTM

sophos-network-threatsTake the guesswork out of your network security and get the answers to your questions about unified threat management (UTM) and next-gen firewalls. Take this short security questionnaire to assess your security level, and find out what we recommend based on your IT department’s profile.

Get our recommendations by answering 10 quick questions about how you handle security in your IT department. At the end, find out if your protection is good, excellent, or only just so-so. Save or print your scorecard, and away you go with your answers!

The quiz starts by asking you about what security solutions you use: do you have a bundle of solutions or a UTM? The next questions ask you how you handle network threats, wireless security, remote offices, contractors, web security and more. How do you secure it all?


After you answer the questions, you’ll get a scorecard like this one, including recommendations for each of your answers and an overall score.


Finally, print or save the report to find out how you can reach an Excellent level of protection.


Get Started Here

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