Sophos IPsec Client V10.32 released

This new release adds Windows 8.1 and IPv6 support as well as other smaller features.

New Features

The new release V10.32 of the Sophos IPsec Client offers the following major new features against the Sophos IPsec Client version 10.31:


Windows 8.1 Support
This release is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1.

Please note:
If you are upgrading a Windows system to Windows 8.1 with the Sophos IPsec Client already installed, the client may no longer function. Therefore, before upgrading, please de-install the client first and specify that you want to keep the settings. Afterwards, install the new Sophos IPSec 10.32 client on your Windows 8.1 system.

IPv6 support
The Sophos IPSec client supports IPv4 as well as IPv6 address formats. Therefore, you can also configure IPv6 addresses as tunnel endpoints, if required. Independent of the endpoint address format, the IPv4 protocol will always be used within the tunnel.

Tunnel traffic monitoring
If cellular network connectivity is poor, it may occur that although your client monitor shows a green light, no data could be transferred through a VPN tunnel. To ensure that the user has a correct status indicator in such situation, under ‘Connections’ you can now configure an automatic Ping test to an IP address within the remote network. If the Ping receives no answer, the VPN tunnel status will be shown accordingly



Starting with Release 10.22 the following features are no longer included with the Sophos IPsec Client:

  • Connection to 3rd party gateways (except Sophos)
  • Integrated Dialing and Wi-Fi support
  • Pre-Logon, Logon Options
  • Hotspot-Logon
  • Integrated dynamic Personal Firewall
  • Link-Firewall
  • EAP
  • IPsec compression
  • Configurable UDP-encapsulation options
  • Budget Manager
  • Tips of the day

How to update your client software

There are two ways for updating your client:

  1. Start the SophosIPsec Client Monitor on your desktop. On the menu select “Help -> Search for New Updates“. Click “Next” on the upcoming “Software Update Wizard” window. The client will now automatically search for new updates. If a newer version is found, you can click on the “Next” button to start the automatic installation immediately.
  2. Download the new client software from our HTTP or FTP Server. When installing the new software an already existing version will be recognized and updated accordingly.

License information

For using the new features you either need to have a valid V10.3 license.

If your license has a lower version number then you can upgrade it to a V10.3 license by purchasing a one-time update license, which allows updating of an existing license by one or two releases. When purchasing the license you’ll receive an activation key which must be applied to your existing license within MyUTM. You’ll then be offered a new file for download including the key that needs to be entered into your client.

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