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Sophos Mobile Control 3.6: Now with complete data protection

sophosphonesThis week we’re introducing a new version of our award-winning mobile device management (MDM) and security product—Sophos Mobile Control 3.6.

This new version helps you protect your corporate data on employees’ personal devices, in particular by making use of some great new features built into the iOS7 operating system. This new approach is way simpler and more user friendly than the “containerization” and “app wrapping” approaches that other vendors have tried to layer on top of the operating system.

The need for data protection on mobile devices is only growing, especially with the rising trend of BYOD (bring your own device).  Already 53% of U.S. employees use their own smartphones and tablets to access corporate data. This means that your sensitive corporate data is at the mercy of your users.

When you look at the latest trends in mobile security, you’ll understand why data protection is so important. In the U.S., 113 cellphones are lost or stolen every minute, at an annual cost in the billions of dollars.

Of course, MDM products like Sophos Mobile Control can already help to protect against the risk this entails—by ensuring devices are password protected, not jailbroken, and compliant with company policy; can be remotely wiped and locked; and are protected against malware (a threat which is growing exponentially on Android devices).

Another big risk companies are concerned about is what happens when the employees leave with a personal device that still has corporate data on it. That’s where this new version of Sophos Mobile Control comes in, allowing companies to separate their data from personal data on BYOD devices, and to remove access to it when employees leave.

New features in SMC 3.6 include:

  • Complete data protection, including greater separation of personal and corporate data. Configure iOS settings and apps to separate corporate and personal data via app single sign-on, per-app VPN (virtual private network), and controlled access to documents
  • Touchdown support: Touchdown email container app support on Android devices
  • Cost savings with VPP: Reassign app licenses to different users as needed and save money on new licenses

If your employees are not among the more than three million users who are using Sophos Mobile Control to protect and manage their devices … what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial today.

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