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amazonwebservicesAmazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a cloud computing platform that’s reliable, flexible and affordable. And Sophos is unique in offering a complete network security solution that fits seamlessly into this great ecosystem. In fact, we make network security in AWS simple.

AWS offers the ability to build a scalable data center in the cloud, complete with reliable storage, low-latency networking, and even application tools. You can quickly and easily provision the infrastructure you need without any capital investment—it’s all pay-as-you-go. And you enjoy all the economies of scale that come with sharing a massive global infrastructure with hundreds of thousands of other AWS customers.

Another key advantage of AWS is that it eliminates the cost and risks associated with capacity planning, by allowing your infrastructure to automatically scale elastically as needed.

Why you need a Sophos UTM with AWS

When it comes to security, Amazon is primarily focused on the physical security of their data centers and your data. While Amazon also provides basic network security with a port-based firewall, they turn to partners like Sophos to provide robust network security with the granularity, control and reporting that you need.

Sophos UTM in the Amazon Cloud

Sophos UTM is the perfect complement to your Amazon Web Services, providing flexible, powerful network security for your cloud infrastructure. Our UTM offers one-click provisioning, elastic scalability, and your choice of BYOL (bring your own license) or flexible pay-by-the-hour licensing.

And with Sophos UTM, you have the most complete network security solution available, with a full suite of firewall, IPS, VPN, Wi-Fi, web, email and web application firewall capabilities—all managed from a simple web console. The Sophos UTM’s intuitive web management console provides quick access to all your network security and traffic reporting needs.

Sophos UTM 9 dashboard

Sophos UTM in AWS provides all the features you need to protect your cloud network and applications, as well as providing secure connections with remote users, locations or across AWS regions. And it provides rich reporting and traffic analysis tools to trouble-shoot issues and monitor your network.

Here’s just a few of the potential ways you can use Sophos UTM in AWS:

  • Put a web application firewall in front of your servers for hardening, protection from hackers, and load balancing
  • Replace the basic AWS Firewall for better protection, visibility and insight into your network traffic with comprehensive reporting
  • Safeguard your virtual private cloud from intrusions, malware and hackers
  • Set up web and/or email filtering in the cloud to protect your users from infected websites, malware, spam, phishing, and more
  • Securely connect virtual private clouds hosted in different AWS regions with VPN tunnels; or connect remote users with convenient VPN clients or branch offices with RED (Remote Ethernet Device)
  • Manage a group of physical or virtual Sophos UTMs from a single console, using our UTM Manager solution in AWS
  • Centrally cloud-manage your Wi-Fi infrastructure with Sophos wireless access points connected to your cloud-based UTM via RED

Complete protection, completely elastic

Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) Auto Scaling allows you to scale your capacity up or down automatically, according to conditions you define. And we’re bringing this feature to Sophos UTM for AWS. Now, you can seamlessly scale up during demand spikes to maintain performance, or minimize costs by scaling back automatically during demand lulls.

Getting started

Getting started with Sophos UTM on AWS couldn’t be simpler. If you’re new to Sophos UTM or AWS, take a free, no-obligation test drive for demonstration or educational purposes any time.

And when you’re ready, you can launch your own UTM instance on AWS through the convenient Amazon Marketplace with just a few clicks.

Where to get more information

Learn more about Sophos UTM in the Amazon Cloud. Click over to our informational webpage to see demonstration videos, read a FAQ, and download our datasheet.

To learn more about Sophos UTM, visit our UTM product page.

Watch this short video to learn more about AWS.


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