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Simplify your data loss prevention (DLP) strategy

data-loss-preventionWe take a unique and simple approach to data loss prevention that makes it easy to configure, manage and deploy. By integrating scanning for sensitive information into our antivirus engine at the mail gateway and at the endpoint, we eliminate the need for separate DLP solutions on your endpoints and network gateway.

Our data control technology transparently monitors the movement of sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and PII, or any data or document flagged as confidential. It greatly reduces the risk of data being accidentally saved to removable storage devices or sent out of the organization as plain text email, without disrupting users.

By combining our integrated data control with full-disk and SPX email encryption, granular device control and application control, you can implement a comprehensive data protection strategy from Sophos—all for the same price as your threat protection.

Integrated data protection

  • Reduce the impact on system performance with a single endpoint agent that scans for sensitive data as well as malware.
  • Prevent the transfer of sensitive data to removable storage devices, applications such as browsers and instant messaging clients, or via email.
  • Enable consistent data protection across your endpoints and email gateway.

Easy to configure and deploy

  • Manage data control policies centrally and deploy across your entire estate or to specific groups.
  • Implement data protection out of the box with pre-packaged data definitions supplied by and updated by SophosLabs, including bank account details and social security numbers.
  • Easily customize your content control lists and keep them consistent across your endpoints and email gateway.
  • Automatically allow or block file transfers at the endpoint. Or give your users the ability to authorize transfers through desktop prompts. All end user decisions will be audited and can be reviewed in the management console.
  • Easily establish policies to encrypt sensitive information that needs to be sent via email based on sender, recipient, or the content of the message and its attachments.

Together with SPX Encryption, Sophos DLP technology simplifies compliance with internal or external data protection regulations and privacy guidelines. And a point-and-click policy engine that integrates with Microsoft Active Directory services makes policy administration simple and effective.

With DLP and SPX Encryption tightly integrated in our Sophos Email Appliances and our UTM Email Protection, deployment, administration, and support couldn’t be simpler.


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