Free webcast! “Apple-ization” of the enterprise and new security threats

Apple-ization and security threatsThere’s a fun new term going around in IT circles these days: “Apple-ization.” As more companies turn to Macs and iOS, both in the office and thanks to BYOD (user-owned iPhones and iPads), security threats are increasing and changing.

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Sophos security expert John Shier will explore how malware threats work, and explain what you can do to protect your enterprise and users. Find out how other enterprise IT teams tackle today’s heightened security threats while still embracing Apple products.

You’ll learn:

  • What the threat landscape looks like, how it’s changing and trends to watch for
  • Real-world strategies for reducing your enterprise’s attack surface
  • How a layered security strategy provides better protection
  • The top five things you can do today to make your business more secure

John will also give a live, step-by-step demonstration of how a malware attack occurs, and present compelling use cases for developing a complete security strategy.

Security Update: Inside the Latest Threats
Thursday, September 26 @ 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT

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