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Sophos Server Protection FAQ

Since announcing Sophos Server Protection earlier today, we’ve received a few questions from customers, prospective customers and partners.

Here are answers to those questions:

What is included in Sophos Server Protection?

Sophos Server Protection includes:

  • Antivirus for Windows (technically, our Endpoint Security & Control client)
  • Antivirus for Linux
  • Antivirus for Mac
  • Antivirus for UNIX
  • Antivirus for vShield

What is Antivirus for vShield?

Antivirus for vShield is a new Sophos solution that works with VMware vShield Endpoint to deliver centralized, agentless scanning for ESXi/vSphere environments. In addition to being agentless, benefits include automatic protection of new guest VMs, elimination of “scan storms” (i.e., heavy use of resources due to lots of guests scanning simultaneously), a single system per host to keep updated, high performance and low resource use.

Is it possible to get Antivirus for vShield without buying Sophos Server Protection?

Antivirus for vShield is not available as a standalone product. It is, however, included in several of our enduser products: EndUser Protection, EndUser Data Suite, EndUser Web Suite and Complete Security Suite. It is also available to customers with current licenses of Sophos Antivirus for Servers.

I already have a Sophos endpoint/enduser product or suite. Do I need Sophos Server Protection?

Depending on the product you have today, you may already have the components you need to protect your servers. There are two common circumstances that would indicate a need to add Sophos Server Protection:

  1. You would like to use Antivirus for vShield or another component of Sophos Server Protection that is not included in your current product. In this case, you could upgrade your existing product or add Sophos Server Security.
  2. You have more servers to protect than you have eligible licenses for your existing product. In this case, you could add Sophos Server Security to cover the additional servers.

Your reseller or Sophos sales representative can advise you on your current features and licenses and whether Sophos Server Protection is right for your environment.

If you have any general questions about Sophos Server Protection that are not addressed here, please post them in the comments. To talk with someone about Sophos Server Protection, please contact one of our partners or our sales team.

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