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Announcing Sophos Server Protection

Server ProtectionToday we’re officially announcing the release of Sophos Server Protection—a server antivirus solution that keeps your data secure without sacrificing performance. The newest member of our family of complete security products features agentless scanning with vShield, along with antivirus clients for Windows, Linux, Mac and UNIX.

Sophos Server Protection features an easy-to-use central console for managing both vShield hosts and endpoint clients from a single interface. Sophos Server Protection reduces complexity to save you time, allowing you to focus your resources on running your business, not managing security software.

Agentless scanning via vShield Endpoint prevents scan and update storms, automatically protecting every Windows virtual machine on the host through a centralized virtual security appliance. For users looking for enhanced security, the Windows endpoint client includes HIPS, application control and additional security layers. It is also optimized for virtual platforms—it takes advantage of memory sharing on supported hypervisors and can be configured to stagger scan times.

Sophos Server Protection supports a broad range of server and virtualization platforms, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac, Hyper-V, vSphere/ESX/ESXi and XenServer. It provides proven protection against known and unknown threats, supported by real-time communication with SophosLabs. The Windows client offers additional layers of security, including HIPS, application control and patch assessment.

We’ll be showcasing Sophos Server Protection at VMworld, which takes place in San Francisco between August 25 and 29.

Download a free trial of Sophos Server Protection.

UPDATE: Many of you have been asking questions about Sophos Server Protection. We’ve posted answers in a Sophos Server Protection FAQ.

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