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What to look for in a secure Wi-Fi

Secure Your Wi-FiUsers not only want access to the Internet everywhere they go, but also on every device. That’s led to an abundance of hotspots in diverse locations, and is pushing businesses to re-think their network infrastructure.

If you’re looking to purchase Wi-Fi for your business, you’ll need to think about a number of things before you take the next step. Let’s look at what you should have on your wish list.

Complete coverage: Any wireless network will need to be available around the whole office, with no “dead zones.”

Secure guest access: Guests and contractors need temporary Internet access you can revoke once it’s no longer needed.

Ease of use: Your local IT staff  need to understand, install, configure and manage your wireless LAN setup easily.

Access for BYOD users: Employees, contractors and guests who want to use their own smartphones or tablets also need Wi-Fi access.

Cost effectiveness: Consider the price/performance ratio, as you’ll obviously be looking for good value for your money.

Scalability: A solution needs to grow when required with additional access points or advanced technologies if your requirements increase.

A Sophos UTM appliance which centrally controls dedicated wireless access points combines many benefits. These are just some of them:

  • We offer wireless access everywhere
  • Our secure guest Wi-Fi is easy to set up
  • With simple plug and play setup, our solution is easy to scale
  • And the integrated UTM security provides enterprise-grade protection

If you want to understand in more detail how Sophos UTM can meet all your Wi-Fi needs, you can check out this short, five-minute Brainshark.


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