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We’re security nerds here at Sophos. We live and breathe this stuff. And part of that means sharing our expertise with you—our customers, partners, and people who might be thinking abut becoming customers or partners.

In addition to our new corporate blog (you’re reading it right here!) and our award-winning Naked Security blog, we’d like to tell you about another place where you can find our thoughts and advice: the Sophos Security Insights blog at Dark Reading.

The most recent post from Maxim Weinstein, one of our product marketing managers in the server security space, dives into why you should “forget standardization and embrace BYOD.”

According to Maxim, IT managers don’t need to fear BYOD or insist on device standardization, thwarting users’ desires to use their own devices. Thanks to modern mobile device management products like Sophos Mobile Control, BYOD can be secure and easy to implement.

And that’s good news, Maxim writes, because BYOD is like a runaway train you can’t stop:

Except in the most locked down, high security environments, platform standardization is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The social marketing guru you hired is joined at the hip to his shiny new Galaxy S4. If you want him tweeting and posting off hours, it’s Android or bust. The new marketing director? He gave up Windows five years ago and wants a MacBook Air. And when the CEO wants to check her email on her iPad, good luck convincing her that she should trade it in for a Surface tablet.

Head on over to Dark Reading to read the full post. Or get the RSS feed here.

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