Introducing Threat Awareness: Join the newest SophosTalk community


chaticonGreat news, Sophos friends. Starting today, we’ve launched a new Threat Awareness forum as part of our SophosTalk online community.

Threat Awareness is different from our other support and product forums. It’s a place where you can talk about threats and attacks you’ve experienced, and ask for help. Members can make comments, ask questions and offer advice.

We’re interested in hearing about malware, spam, potentially unwanted applications—anything that’s out there and seeking to compromise security. What was the threat, and what did it try to do? How was it cleaned up?

In addition to community membership, the Threat Awareness forum will offer help from Sophos Global Support Services, the Sophos Product Management team, and SophosLabs.

The Threat Awareness forum is open to all. Anyone can view the forum and see posts, but you need to be registered to post yourself. If you’re an existing SophosTalk member, you don’t need to do anything to register.

Started in November of 2009, SophosTalk has grown to tens of thousands of registered members. If you’re not already a member, please check it out and sign up today at

Plus, we encourage you to follow our @SophosSupport Twitter account to see highlights of our solutions and other important posts.

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