Got a really good idea? Please tell us about it!


security-made-simple-armI think I might know how Edward Snowden is feeling these days. Not because I’ve uncovered top secret information and shared it on Facebook. But because I feel like I have spent the past few weeks living in airports. True, this was by choice rather than seeking refuge from the authorities, but I still sympathize with his plight.

The reason for all my travels was our annual set of partner conferences in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our events featured around a thousand attendees and some exciting announcements. And it was a pleasure to see so many enthusiastic Sophos Partners in such a short space of time.

So what did I learn? Well, I love the departures board at Frankfurt. I am bemused by the mobile lounge passenger transportation vehicles at Dulles. And it seems “temporary tattoo” means something a little more permanent in Asia (see below). And finally, there are a lot of great ideas out there in our partner community. I heard and captured many interesting ideas for enhancing what product features we have today. Now that I’ve sought asylum back in the office, I’m missing my daily hit of feedback and ideas.

Asia was fun they even had temporary tatoos. Note: two weeks = not so temporaty imo!

The only bad idea I encountered. Temporary tattoos in Thailand. Note: two weeks = not-so temporary, IMO.

Now, we can’t  bottle up the wonder of our conference at the Smithsonian Museum, or the humidity of our conference in Thailand. But there’s no need to stop sharing ideas.

So here’s another great idea. If you have something you’d like to see in Sophos products, use our Feature Request Portals to submit your idea for evaluation by the Sophos Product Management Team – it could become a Hot or Top idea. It’s open to all: Partners and Customers can submit ideas. Currently you can submit ideas for our network security and mobile products.

Go to UTM Feature Requests
Go to Mobile Feature Requests

You can also vote for other users’ ideas or add your own comments to existing ideas. If you have suggestions for Sophos products that are not shown above, just contact Technical Support. Just like in any election, we can’t guarantee you’ll get what you vote for. But your votes help with our decision making. For example, in the last two UTM releases (v9 and v9.1) we’ve incorporated over 60 features that came from the feature request site.

Hopefully you’ll make it to one our upcoming partner or customer events so you can share your ideas in person. If you can’t (or have an aversion to airports), then sign up to tell us your great idea.

I’m off to watch a movie – any recommendations? Just not this, ok?


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