Sophos Mobile Security: Free antivirus for your Android devices

We all love our apps, but Android users should beware. There are more and more rogue apps out there created by malware authors for infecting Android devices. The good news is that you can protect your Android device with our FREE Sophos Mobile Security app.

It’s not just annoying apps that serve you ads–an increasing number of rogue apps have been triggering actions such as sending SMS messages to premium rate numbers and illicitly collecting data.

You should always be wary of third-party app stores, which frequently serve up rogue apps. Yet even Google has been duped into hosting bad apps in its Google Play app store. SophosLabs regularly finds samples of malware posing as legitimate apps on Google Play, including some that try to fool users into thinking they are real versions of popular games.

Sophos Mobile Security
Sophos Mobile Security

Our Mobile Security app protects you by scanning all your downloaded apps for malware.

Our app is a lightweight tool which protects your Android device without reducing performance or battery life.  It uses the same up-to-the-minute malware intelligence from SophosLabs that we use in our corporate products.

You can learn more about Sophos Mobile Security and download it directly from Google Play here.

At the end of January, we launched an Enterprise version of our Mobile Security app. Customers using Sophos Mobile Control, can optionally integrate the app into their existing console and manage it from there.

Learn more about Sophos Mobile Security – Enterprise.

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