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Now available! Sophos Mobile Control 3.0

In January, we launched version 3.0 of Sophos Mobile Control (SMC), delivering some really exciting new features and functionality.

Mobile security is a very fast-moving area with new devices – and new malware threats – being released all the time.  SMC 3.0 gives you some great enhancements to help you stay ahead of the game.  Here are some of the headlines:

  • Android security 
    Optionally integrate Sophos Mobile Security, our anti-malware app for Android, into your Mobile Control installation and fully manage it from the admin console.
  • iPhone Configuration 
    Configure your iOS devices directly in SMC – we’ve put the most important settings into our console so you no longer need to use the separate iPhone Configuration Utility. But, you can still upload your iPCU files, if you prefer.
  • Samsung SAFE configuration 
    Configure the MDM settings for Google Android and Samsung SAFE devices directly in SMC. We’ve used the Samsung and Google APIs to give you a new user interface to configure your Android devices.
  • SCEP Support
    We support the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) which provides the certificates for your corporate and employee-owned mobiles to access your network and other resources (on-premise only).
  • User and group-based compliance 
    Every one of your users is different, which is why you can now set up user and group-based compliance rules tailored to suit the way your business works.
  • Locate your iOS devices 
    We’ve added iOS locate so that you can easily find lost or stolen devices.

If you’re already running Sophos Mobile Control on premise you can upgrade to version 3.0 today. If you’re using the SaaS version you will be upgraded automatically.

Learn more at our website if you’re interested in looking at using SMC in your organizations.

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