AxG V7.400 BETA Updates Released

During the past few weeks Astaro has been conducting an open Beta for our 7.400 release.

During the past few weeks Astaro has been conducting an open Beta for our 7.400 release.

We have made available two updates since the initial offering, both of which allowed us to address bugs and further polish 7.400 based on your valuable feedback. Read on for the current status of the 7.400 Beta and how you can get an advance look at one of our most exciting releases yet! The 7.400 Beta has received 2 incremental Up2Date releases, 7.360 and 7.380. These mainly address bugs and perform enhancements based on the hundreds of posts by our Beta community which provide feedback to us in our Beta Forums.

Participate in the Beta Program
With Beta V7.380, we are very close to a release candidate, and wish to encourage more users to test as they are able. Your feedback is important to us, and we’ll reward testers with a chance at Amazon Gift Certificates, 25 IP home-use licenses, and of course the opportunity to contribute to 7.400’s success. Beta V7.380 is available as an Up2date from Beta V7.360, a Software ISO, and a Hardware (SSI) ISO for testing on ASG appliances. New for Beta V7.380 is an Up2Date package allowing you to test the Beta without the need to re-install

Download Information
Download via our main FTP site or any of our mirrors such as

7.360-7.380 (Up2Date for Existing Beta Testers)

  • MD5sum: 231d4870c3fb27fc3c220a4731b852f1
  • Size : 212968785 bytes 7.305-7.380 (Up2Date

Package for all 7.305 installations wishing to test the Beta)

  • MD5sum: 83b2c54ad475c925a3dc51d3debc9071
  • Size : 230112614 bytes

*Info: this package is located in subdirectory "7.305-7.380"

ASG 7.380 (Software ISO for your own Hardware)

  • MD5sum: a22938770c96561152deac23f80580f1
  • Size: 500795392 bytes

SSI 7.380 (For ASG Appliances)

  • MD5sum: da4690643aca3df5bf446367b8df1465
  • Size: 524232704 byte

V7.400 Beta Program Details
For full details about the 7.400 Beta, please see our initial announcement here. All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed! Your Astaro R&D team

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