Astaro Web Gateway V7 GA released

We are glad to announce that Astaro Web Gateway V7 is finally ready and available now. The new Web Security product is available as hardware and virtual appliance.

We are glad to announce that Astaro Web Gateway V7 is finally ready and available now. The new Web Security product is available as hardware and virtual appliance.

The Virtual appliance is now available for download. Astaro Web Gateway provides complete protection and control over data transferred over the web. The All-In-One web security appliance features Malware Detection, Application Control, URL Filtering and Bandwidth Management, fully integrated and manageable through a single and intuitive browser-based user interface.

Main Features

HTTP and FTP Proxy
The Astaro Web Gateway proxy cache provides faster Web browsing experience and helps to save Internet bandwidth for other business critical applications. You can use transparent mode, standard mode, and authentication mode simultaneously on different networks with each instance using different filtering actions.

URL Filtering
Administrators can control employee web access for 60 specific content categories. A comprehensive URL database with international content offers support for more than 70 languages via sites registered in over 200 countries. The database is updated daily with newly discovered websites. A fine-grained rule administration allows not only simple user/group-specific restriction of access rights to certain websites; it also allows them to be limited to a single or recurring period.

Malware Detection
Malware filtering covers all web and FTP traffic in order to stop viruses, spyware and active content from entering your network. Hidden "phone home" communication from spyware infected PCs is detected and blocked, avoiding the leakage of confidential data. To provide optimal protection, Astaro Web Gateway provides two built-in virus scanners operating with comprehensive, independent databases with over 300,000 patterns. With the MIME type filter you can restrict access to HTTP objects that match a given MIME/content type. Optionally you can also turn on a "magic lookup" forcing the MIME type filter to inspect the complete HTTP body in order to verify if the specified MIME type is correct and not faked.

Granular IM/P2P Control
The Astaro Flow Classifier allows detection and classification of sophisticated protocols, which are typically hard to identify. Administrators can define exceptions from the global IM/P2P usage policy for individual IP addresses. This allows granting usage of specific IM or P2P applications to specific users/IP addresses only. By use of the flow classifier, Astaro Web Gateway can also detect Skype communication, and block it, or limit its bandwidth consumption, or just log its usage for the administrator.

Bandwidth Management
In order to reserve sufficient bandwidth for business critical applications you can define bandwidth limitations for certain IM/P2P protocols, e.g. BitTorrent. For this purpose Astaro Web Gateway offers pre-defined traffic-selectors for all IM and P2P protocols. You can also define new generic traffic-selectors to control many different traffic types, not only based on IP addresses and ports but also on TOS and DSCP header markings.

A detailed description of the new features, changes, system requirements as well as installation and upgrade information is included within the Astaro Web Gateway V7.2 Release Notes.

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